buy virtual land parcels in metaverse platforms

Step 1 – Access the property marketplace of the metaverse platform you have selected. The property marketplace appears more like the app marketplaces featuring software applications. 


Step 2 – Use your credentials for logging into the property marketplace. Now, you have to evaluate the location and design of the land parcels listed on the marketplace. At the same time, you should also try to find “how much does metaverse land cost” and compare the different listings. 


Step 3 – After shortlisting the different land parcels on sale in the property marketplace, you have to configure your digital wallet. Make sure that you choose a digital wallet which is compatible with the native token of the selected metaverse platform. For example, you would need a wallet which supports MANA tokens for buying land in the Decentraland metaverse. 


Step 4 – Now, you have to link the digital wallet to the metaverse account while ensuring that it has the required amount of crypto for the purchase. 


Step 5 – Click on the purchase or buy button for transferring the required crypto amount. You will receive ownership of the real estate NFT and become an owner of your chosen virtual land parcel.