Sand Use Cases

Accessing the Platform:

Players can use SAND to buy equipment, play games, or customize their Avatar's looks, and acquire ASSETS, LANDS, etc.



SAND can allow players to help game creators prioritize specific features needed for the game and take part in the overall roadmap of the game.



SAND offers an option to take this token. It will help the players get a passive income source and even get access to more LANDs.


Fee Capture Model:

This model allows SAND token stackers to receive rewards. Here. 5% of transactions carried out with the SAND token will amount to 50% in the staking pool. And the rest, 50%, will go to the Foundation.



Foundations' role with the ecosystem is to support the Sandbox. This organization will incentivize game production and high-quality NFT production. The Foundation has already supported over 100 artists and 15 games and ensures that the metaverse keeps on growing.